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Unveiling seamless range of Body Care products, Toiletries, Hair Care Products & Skin Care Range.

Introducing a fresh brand, which understands wellness!

Natural, Herbal, Handmade & Revitalizing

A moment of luxury for your body, mind and spirit.  Here nature and science meet harmoniously for preparing the finest quality skin & body care products, massage & spa treatment awaits you. Take a moment for yourself!

Herbal aromatic wing of Wiscon Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., the Passion Indulge is offering quality, handcrafted, therapeutic, vegetarian and natural cosmetics which are based on essential oils. The products of the company like Herbal Body Care Products, etc. are conceptualized and formulated under the enlightenment of its UK office and research institute.

Passion Indulge already has a presence in UK, USA, CIS & Russian Markets with pipelines plans for the South Asian countries Africa and rest of Europe. The products are based on the simple principle of "Do your bit for Mother Earth." Based on this policy all our products are designed and developed using the finest, all natural essential oils which are extracted using plant resources.